Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Autum in the city of Chicago. Late October 2006.

Yes folks ...It's that time again. Grab the rake.
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. I don't know why I had taken this unique photograph of a Sewer Lid, but it seemed kinda of Artistic in some seasonal sort of way, and I felt it captured the mood of a very colorfull Chicago season.
This sewer with fallen leaves is located on West Thomas Street just east of North Damen Avenue. I was getting out of My car to service one of My Tavern sales accounts across the street.


lapstrake said...

Just as I thought, Fall is Summer going down the drain!

lapstrake said...

I have a correction to your post. This sewer is not on West Thomas Street just east of Damon; it's on the 4500 block of south Naragansett!! I can tell by the crack in the curb and the type of leaves. Those maples don't grow that far north!

I'm certainly glad they labelled the sewer "sewer" in case anyone wondered.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that sewer on 4500 South Naragansett has an identical Twin Brother on the northside, and this is him on Thomas Street. Actually I think it's great that they have the lid labled "Sewer", some of the locals have a tendency to "Forget" and this avoids confusion. Ha ha ha!

A picture like this, is something only somebody like "Ed Norton" on Television's "The Honeymooners" can appreciate. Hi ya Ralphie boy!