Friday, November 03, 2006

Interior view of 1970's CTA General Motors bus. Chicago Illinois USA. November 1989.

I took this photo on a cold and gloomy Saturday afternoon in November of 1989. We are riding southbound on a Chicago Transit Authority Route# 52 Kedzie / California Avenue bus.
My view out of the left side window tells Me that we are on South Kedzie Avenue at West 41st Street in the Brighton Park neighborhood. This is an old Mid 1970's GMC Fishbowl bus, wich were nicknamed as such for their Unique windshield design. They were also referred to as "New Look" buses when they were introduced in 1959.
I was traveling to the corner of Archer and Kedzie Avenues that afternoon. The wool hats and heavy coats on the passengers dictates that the winter season is very close at hand.

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