Thursday, April 12, 2007

An early Springtime morning scene from River Forest Illinois USA. March 2007.

Good morning everybody!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. In todays edition, I will be showcasing some photographs that I had taken in March of 2007, during the early Spring. Seen here on north Thatcher avenue, is a branchline / Freight only secondary line utilized by the Canadian National Railroad .(for the most part) Supposidly...this line is owned by CSX Transportation, but several viaduct underpasses on this line are lettered for the Soo Line Railroad. The only trains that I have seen on here are Canadian National's, some with former Illinois Central diesel locomotives. River Forest is an upscale northwest suburban community outside of Chicago. This town is located near the villages of Oak Park -Maywood
Melrose Park , and Forest Park Illinois. It is lovely here most any season of the year.


anthony c said...

I've seen this line many times and how it runs right past people's yards. Must've been quite a sight when Soo Line ran it's passenger train on this route years ago. To think, traffic warranted double tracking back then.

James in Florida said...

Eddie: This must be the same rail line that runs parallel to the Ike and crosses over it near Des Plaines by the Blue Line Station in Forest Park. In one of your previous photos shows a CN Train coming over this viaduct in question. As for the line being owned by CSX. The Viaduct had the old B&O logo engraved into the concrete over the Ike from way back in the day.

I do remember seeing SOO Line trains running on this line. Also back in the day as a young man from Brookfield, IL.

Also right on Thatcher Road just above North Ave. Is Russell's Barbecue. Which is right in your backyard there in Elmwood Park. I use to go to Russell's many times with my family as a young man. After going to a Cubs afternoon game. Way before the lights were installed. Are the Ribs still good to this day?

Eddie said...

Hi guys.
I have always enjoyed this line, unfortunately the trains are usually around either when I am nowhere near the tracks, or when I don't have My camera with Me. Dang!

I go to Russel's barbeque once in awhile. I like it, but unfortunately My wife doesn't. (Her loss.) I enjoy their tasty sandwiches that they make.

Thank You.

anthony c said...

I'd even go so far as to suggest Russell's BBQ as the meeting place for a get-together for friends of Eddie's Railfan Page!

Eddie said...

Friends of Eddie's Railfan Page?
Thanks Anthony! That means a lot.
I actually like that Idea. Cool!
I may be going to the Golden Spike Hobby Shop in Burbank in maybe another week or two. I usually make it on Fridays occasionally between 6 and 7 PM after work.

Russels or the Frosted Mug drive in at 116th and Pulaski in Alsip is cool too.

Thanks for supporting My blog site.