Thursday, April 19, 2007

Canadian National RR switching local in the rain. Forest Park Illinois USA. August 2006.

I took this photo after work one rainy evening, back in late August of 2006. Seen just north of west 22nd Street / Cermak Road, is the very eleusive CN switching local that serves a dead end spur line that paralels Woodlawn Cemetery. Notice the diesel units in color schemes and markings from the Illinois Central, and Grand Trunk Western Railroads. Both were acquired By CN through mergers in recent years. This train runs on no set schedule.

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anthony c said...

Eddie: Do I recall you mentioning in one of your previous posts showing this rare movement that it was along this track were mobster Frank Nitti took his life with a pistol?

Nitti never had the heavyweight status in life that the old Untouchables TV series starring Robert Stack depicted him as wielding.