Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Old black and white steam locomotive photograph. Wichita & Northwestern RR # 9.

During the 1980's, I had bought a small set of old black and white railroad steam locomotive photos.
I do not have any information on this locomotive, other than the fact is, it worked for a railroad in the State of Kansas. This is a typical shortline dual service locomotive from the 1890's era.

A simulair locomotive that is almost a "Ringer"
for this locomotive, and best of all is preserved today, is Sierra Railroad No# 3 built by the Rogers locomotive works in 1891.

Sierra Railroad # 3 operates on the Sierra Railroad / Railtown 1897 attraction in Jamestown California. This engine has appeared in numerous western movies, and was the "Mechanical Star" of the 1960's television series "Petticoat Junction", wich aired from 1963 to 1970.

If anybody has any information on Wichita & Northwestern Railroad # 9, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Don Conard said...

The Wichita&Northwestern Railroad ran from Pratt, Kansas to Vaughn, Kansas which was located 17 miles northwest of Larned, Kansas. It was built beginning in 1915 and was sold in bankruptcy court in 1939 and scrapped. A book, "The Wheat Belt Line", by Lee Berglund, gives its complete history, and includes photos of all their locomotives, including #9. They were never profitable, and relied upon used and leased equipment throughout their existence. #9 is one of several engines they purchased from the Santa Fe, probably because they interchanged with that line (and the Missouri Pacific) at Larned. You can e-mail me at for additional info if you wish. Don Conard