Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sunset in Burbank Illinois USA. March 2007.

I took this evening photo after work one day in March of 2007. We are in the village of Burbank Illinois, in Chicago's southwest suburbs. This is the intersection of west 79th Street and south Central Avenue looking west into the setting sun.
To the right of the photograph is a fast food place called Kojak's Drive In, wich specializes in tasty Gyros and other Greek and American fast food specialties.


anthony c said...

Kojak's? "Who loves ya, baby!"

Ahead exactly one mile at 79th and Ridgeland is Golden Spike Train Shop, a favorite stop of mine. Since I have unfortunately injested far more than my fair share of delicious Kojak-style food, I instead make it a Saturday tradition to lunch on a Subway sandwich while enjoying a favorite train-oriented magazine from Golden Spike right next door.

Eddie said...

You go to Golden Spike too?
No way!
I occasionally go there on Friday evenings once in a while if I am
in the area. Bud is really cool.
It's a long cruise from Elmwood Park, but My parents live in
nearby Bridgeview.

Thanks Buddy.

Anonymous said...

awesome blog...