Friday, April 20, 2007

Westbound Metra express commuter train. Franklin Park Illinois USA. March 2007.

Seen here racing past the railroad crossing on Scott Street, is a westbound Metra express commuter train heading to Elgin Illinois. The train was racing westbound with airhorns blaring as it was racing through northwest suburban Franklin Park Illinois.

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anthony c said...


Did you ever visit End of Track Hobbies in Franklin Park, whose back entrance would have been behind you and about a block to the right?

I was disappointed to see about a year ago the shop was no longer there when I passed by, but I'm not surprised. I left my job in the area in late 1999, and a few years later I went back to chat with the owner, Don, and his wife told me some days no one but the mailman came in.

On my rounds in the area back then, I'd park in the little gravel lot behind the building and walk through the back door, into a short, narrow hall past old fashioned soda and candy machines before emerging into the rear of the shop where all the magazines were stocked. The store stocked all the usual mags plus a few of the RR historical society publications. I spent plenty on all those tree-wasters. I really liked the place and the proprietors. In fact, it was the shop owner who started the town's Railroad Daze.

The new location of the relocated and restored Tower B12 was almost directly out the shop's back door.