Friday, April 27, 2007

Preserved former CTA 1962 GM fishbowl bus. The Chicago Historical Bus Museum. Chicago Ridge Illinois USA. September 2006.

I took this photo last September, in southwest suburban Chicago Ridge Illinois USA. A friend of mine from the Midwest Transit Bus Museum in Cresthill Illinois , in recent years had started a historic bus collection of his own. Along with a few other people, the Chicago Historical Bus Museum was eventually formed. Seen here on the former Frontier Coach Lines school bus property on west 99th Street, is the museum collection. The bus in the center, is a 1962 GM bus from the Chicago Transit Authority.

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sara said...

hi eddie,

i'm curious if you know if this bus still exists. i've been in touch with the chicago historical bus museum and this was not on their lot. do you know who specifically owns this bus or of any others in existence? i'm working on a project and we'd like to have a working cta bus from the early 60's. i'd really like to speak with you if you wouldn't mind.

thank you for your time