Thursday, April 12, 2007

Southbound CTA Yellow Line train at the Main Street crossing. Skokie Illinois USA. March 2007.

Seen here racing southbound at Main Street, is a Chicago ransit Authority yellow line train. This line in past years was refered to as the Skokie Swift. This short shuttle rapid transit line operates between Dempster Street station in Skokie Illinois, and Howard Street station in nearby Evanston Illinos. Notice the roofwalks on top of the rapid transit cars. Prior to September of 2004, the segment from East Prairie Road to Dempster street operated under overhead catenary wires, and these cars had roof top Pantographs to contact the wire. In 2004, the overhead wire /anti 3rd rail ordinance was overturned, and the CTA standardized this rapid transit line to 100 percent 3rd rail operation. Now any CTA rapid transit car can use this line.

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