Wednesday, April 04, 2007

January winter morning sunrise.Mc.Cook Illinois USA.

I took this morning sunrise photo looking south from Mc.Cook Junction near Lyons Illinois USA.
We are looking southeast toward Summit Illinois, on the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad trackage.
It was bitterly cold, but the winter morning sky was nothing less than spectaculair that day.


anthony c said...

Nice shot!

Eddie, we talked generally about this location in a previous posting, but how are you accessing this place? There's that gate across the gravel road at least a quarter mile away. Does anyone hassle you here?

Eddie said...

Hi Anthony!
What gate?
I see it has been awhile since
the last time that You visited
Mc.Cook Junction.
Times have changed...This time
for the better buddy!

Try to make a trip there soon
if You can. You may be pleasantly surprised if You do. That gate and the old gravel road are gone!
There is a new gravel road that runs alongside the tracks today,
with no locked gate either.

Try it, and please let Me know
what You think of Mc.Cook Jct
in todays world.

Thank You.

anthony c said...

That's great news. I could swear that I rolled up to that locked gate spanning the gravel road as recently as last December, one of those nice days we had not long before Christmas.

As you know, this used to be quite the railfanning spot. I wonder when word will get out about its new "accessibility."

I may, in fact, visit as early as tomorrow. Got the day off for Good Friday. If not, maybe Sunday. It'll be a little too cold for an extended visit, but I'll be sure to give you a report.

anthony c said...

Well, I made it there today. Just a quick pass-through on the way to somewhere else. Sure has changed. I look forward to spending some time there soon.