Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Kiddieland train station. Kiddieland Amusement Park. Melrose Park Illinois USA. November 2006.

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I took this photo one bright and sunny November morning in 2006. This is the Kiddieland Amusement Park in northwest suburban Melrose Park Illinois USA. I took this photo from the south parking lot adjacent to the Kiddieland Railroad station. The 14 inch guage Kiddieland Railroad boards and detrains passengers under this pavilion shelter that is surrounded by chain link fencing. The circulair building with the garage doors to the right houses the parks merry go round or carousel ride. The park had just closed for the season approximately 2 weeks before, and the rides were already disasembled and in storage for the upcoming 2007 season.
Behind the fence were several carpenters and maintenace workers painting and doing various maintenance and spot repair jobs on the park property prior to winters arrival. This is a nice behind the scenes view of an amusement park at the begining of the off season.

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