Friday, April 20, 2007

Amtrak train about to be serviced and turned. The June 8th 1985 Galesburg Railroad Days celebration. Galesburg Illinois USA.

On June 8th 1985, I rode a chartered excursion to the Galesburg Railroad Days celebration in western Illinois. Our trip was sponsored by the 20th Century Railroad Club of Chicago. Our Amtrak train to and from Galesburg had temporary markings on the locomotive's nose that read "Galesburg Zephyr" for the trip.

I took this picture after our Amtrak train arrived in Galesburg Illinois. Seen here is a 1st Generation EMD 1950's vintage EMD SW series diesel switcher, that has coupled on to the Amtrak consisit. Once the order is given, the train will be towed to the servicing area near the Galesburg shops, and then will be turned around on a Wye switch for the trip back to Chicago Illinois later in the evening. This is a behind the scenes look at railroad terminal operations on the old Burlington Northern Railroad.

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