Friday, April 20, 2007

Interior view of 1950's era CTA 6000 series rapid transit car demoted to maintenance service. April 1986 fantrip charter.

I took this interior photo of a Chicago Transit Authority 6000 series rapid transit car, on a chartered fantrip excursion back in April of 1986.
Although this car looks like a normal commuter servvice car on the inside, this two car married pair of cars were painted Yellow, and had tools , 55 gallon drums -and work supplies in the front of the car near the motorman. The rest of the car had seats and advertisements still in place. This car had a snowplow on the front.
This was a chartered fantrip excursion entitled "The Snowflake Special", and was sponsored by the CTA, and the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois USA. The old 1950's era 6000 series cars were nearing the end of their service lives, and would be retired within the next few years. Shortly after this excursion, a number of these 6000 series cars began arriving at the Illinois Railway Museum for display and operation.

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