Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Old black and white steam locomotive photograph, circa late 1800's.

I bought a small set of old black and white railroad photographs back in the 1980's.
This photograph looks like it could be a pre
1900 era photo. The locomotive is a 4-4 -0
standard American type steam locomotive.
Judging by the larger superstructural proportions, box headlight -air brakes -and wooden open platform coach in tow...This photo could have been taken in the late 1890's.
The initials on the locomotive tender H, & B,T M
is for the Huntington,& Broad Top Mountain Railroad wich had operated in the state of Pennsylvania. If anyone has any information on this Railroad, or the late 1800's model 4-4-0
steam locomotive shown here, it would be greatly appreciated here. Thank You.


Martha Clepper said...

My great, great grandfather, George H. Colket, was President of the Huntington and Broad Top Mountain Railroad when he died in 1905. More information about the railroad can be found at

Keith said...


The photograph was taken in August 1941 in Riddlesburg, PA. The locomotive was Baldwin 4-4-0 (1909, I believe) #30 of the Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain.