Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The crossing gates at the front entrance gate. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. Saturday, July 21st , 2007.

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This past Saturday, My lovely Wife Cheryl and Myself decided to make a weekend road trip to The Hesston Steam Museum in northwest Indiana, near the border with New Buffalo Michigan. A recent addition to the museum, are these operating full size railroad crossing gates in the museums entrance driveway on adjacent road County Line # 1000 N. The museum's 14 inch guage railroad passes through here along the south fence, and crosses the driveway. In past years, two wooden crossbucks were used to tell people that this was a railroad crossing. In this day and age of proboubly a few near misses and other safety concerns, these full size crossing gates with ringing bells now guard the miniature 14 inch guage demonstration railroad line.

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