Monday, July 23, 2007

Cigarette advertisement. NorthWestern Station. Chicago Illinois USA. June 1983.

I took this photo of Northwestern Station in downtown Chicago, in June of 1983. Seen on the North Clinton Street side of the building just north of West Madison Street, was one of many billboards advertising Marlboro Cigarettes.
There have been many campaigns by parents, civic and church groups to have tobaco adds removed from public places. NorthWestern Station was demolished in the summer of 1984. The replacement station and glass hi rise building was known as The NorthWestern Atrium Center. After the 1998 Merger and absorbition of the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad by the Union Pacific, the buildings name was once again changed to the Richard B. Ogilvie Transportation Center, in honor of the late Illinois Govonor who passed away in 1988. These old stone and brick walls in the train terminal area on the east and west side of the building, are still standing today.

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