Friday, July 27, 2007

A message from Your host and photographer.

Hi everyone!
This is Eddie K from Eddie's Railfan Page.
I have recieved numerous E-Mails from many former Chicagoans living in other parts of our
great nation today, and the input I recieved was
absolutely the best! I want to thank everyone out there on the world wide web, for taking time from Your busy day, and clicking on Eddie's Railfan Page from the city of Chicago.

I have a question for the viewers out there.
There have been many people who wrote Me and said that they found this site by accident, and absolutely loved it! Many people said that I brought them happy memorys just looking at My past and present photos from the windy city.

I would like to know...."How did You discover Eddie's Railfan Page"? I would love to read some E-Mails from some of the viewers out there, who found My site, and what they think of it.

Having a great Chicago area transportation photo blog site, is made possible from all of the important information and stories from people with a past or present connection to My photos and story postings that I present here at Eddie's Railfan Page.

I would love to hear from You.

Thank You.


anthony c said...


My first encounter with your blog was through a general Internet search for "Elsdon."

Looking forward to answers from your other visitors.

Anthony C.

leomemorial said...

I did a google search looking for pictures of "Clearing, Illinois" and this blog was one fo the choices.

Your new and old pics are fantastic, along with your stories.

My fave are the trains, old stores/malls, etc we all loved, and your positivity.

tlee169 said...

Google brought you up in a GTW Elsdon or ATSF Corwith search. Living in San Antonio contributes to my being 40 years behind the times.

lapstrake said...

I created your site! I had to teach you how to find it!!!!

Glad you're having a good time with the site.