Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Blue Goose locomotive from Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. The Hesston Steam Museum. Hesston Indiana USA. July 2007.

Looking like a large "Toy" inside the new museum barn, is the 2-4-2 Blue Goose locomotive. This locomotive was one of three that pulled the Chicago Brookfield Zoo train from May of 1967 to September of 1985. The 2 foot narrow guage Brookfield, Salt Creek & Western Railroad, circled the outer perimeter of Chicago's Brookfield Zoo in a counter clockwise rotation for 18 years. The railroad was discontinued for several reasons, one being construction of the new 7 Seas Dolphin Show building located on the railroad right of way. Other reasons were more Econimical in nature. ( operating costs.) The old train ride has been replaced at the zoo with rubber tired vechicles with open air towing trailers, and it is known as "The Motor Safari". The little Blue Goose originally was painted in a light blue color scheme with white C & O markings.
It is modeled after American steam locomotives from the late 1800's. The Blue Goose is currently the only operational ex Brookfield Zoo locomotive at Hesston, and is operated on Fathers Day, or other special occasions.

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