Thursday, July 26, 2007

Antique Semaphore and modern Block signals. Brighton Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. Early September 2006.

Sometimes when You least expect it, You can find those important reference photos that You forgot You had even taken in the first place. I took this photograph last September at Chicago's Brighton Junction, located at Archer and Western Avenues on Chicago's near southwest side.
The signals to the left, are the antique manual Semaphore signals that date back to the steam era. To the right, are the modern "Industry Standard" block signals. Brighton Junction was long rumored to be on borrowed time when I had taken this photograph last year. By the spring of 2007, new signals were being prepared and installed on site.
In early July of 2007, Brighton Junction was officially closed and the Semaphores were dismantled and removed.
The good news, is that the Norfolk Southern Railroad is contemplating restoring and donating the shanty and signals
for a future museum display. I hope it happens.

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