Monday, July 23, 2007

Norfolk Southern transfer waiting on a hold order. Cragin Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. July 2007.

Waiting at the north terminal for the Belt Railway of Chicago, is a soon to be westbound Norfolk Southern transfer train at the Cragin Junction interchange. The Norfolk Southern train, has travelled northbound over the Belt Railway of Chicago from Clearing Yard, all the way to Cragin Junction at Grand and Cicero Avenues, on the northside of Chicago. Once an inbound Canadian Pacific freight train enroute to the BRC's Clearing Yard passes through the interchange, and a westbound Metra express rides through the Grand / Cicero commuter rail station...This train willl recieve clearance and proceed to the CP Rail Bensenville Yard.

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lapstrake said...

Nice photo.

I like the way the Chicago skyline is framed by the overhead signals.