Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My buddy Anthony C. The River Grove Illinois Public library. Monday, July 9th 2007.

I took this photo Monday night, July 9th , at the River Grove Public Library. The weather on Monday night, was laden with Thunderstorms and very heavy torrential rain showers. A few elderly people stopped in briefly to see what was going on, and shortly left. There was also an unplanned scheduling conflict, as the River grove/ friends of the Library group was supposed to have their meeting in the room where I was hosting my Chicagoland Railfan Slideshow. They graciously decided to have theirs in the next room instead.
Despite all these headaches and pittfalls, one man actually came and stayed for My Chicagoland Railfan Slideshow.
After many months of wonderfull and informative E-Mails to Eddie's Railfan Page, I finally had the pleasure of meeting one of My readers. Seen here, is the Famouse "Anthony C.
Anthony C, has been an Important contributor to Eddie's Railfan Page, and It was great meeting and entertaining him.
The attendance was practically zero that night, but having a really great railfan buddy like Anthony at the event, It was all worthwhile. Railfan friends stick together.
Thank You Anthony!
great seeing You.


lapstrake said...

Too bad about the low attendance. I know what it's like to put a presentation together only to have a few folks show up.

Sounds like Anthony's input was worth the effort.

I'll be there next time.

anthony c said...

Hey Eddie,

Who let the ugly guy into your show? Oh, brother, what an eye-opener. Wish I could blame it on your camera!

What a nice presentation. Chicago area railfans, you missed a very interesting evening. Eddie is knowledgeable and engaging with his material. Lapstrake, I'll see you at the next one. No way is Eddie gonna let low attendance get him down. I'm sure he's already gearing up for another great show!

Eddie said...

Thanks Anthony!
Your all right buddy!
I think that with the stormy weather that night, all the local railfans were proboubly tinkering with their model railroad projects, or watching their Pentrex railfan videos on TV.

It was their loss.
Thank You for coming north all the way from the Midway Airport area across town like You did anyway.

Thank You.