Friday, November 05, 2010

Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad electric interurban train at the Wilmette Illinois flag stop depot, circa 1950's.

I spotted this unique historic photo at My links page Dave's Electric Railroads to the right of Your computer screen.

The north suburban village of Wilmette Illinois for many years during the 20th Century, was served by the electric interururban passenger trains of the Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee electric railroad.

A three car local, is viewed at the little Wilmette flagstop depot on the Shore Line Route, wich was located on the east side of Wilmette. This line wich provided local service and also served Ravinia Park, was abandoned in 1955.

The North Shore Lines other route through Wilmette, was the high speed Skokie Valley Mainline, wich was located on the west side of Wilmette, just east of Glenview Illinois. It was abandoned in 1963 when the Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee had went out of business for good.

Luckilly, several pieces of Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee's interurban equipment including the 4 unit articulated streamlined "Electroliner" train from 1941, can be seen and ridden on today at The Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois.

Some North Shore Line equipment also exists at The Fox River Trolley Museum located in South Elgin Illinois as well.

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