Thursday, November 04, 2010

Eastbound CTA Route # 62 Archer / Dearborn-Kinzie bus passing the intersection of South Archer Avenue and west 43rd Street AKA Pope John Paul 2nd Drive. Chicago Illinois. April 1989.

I took this photo believe it or not....21 years ago way back in 1989!

We are facing east on South Archer Avenue in Chicago's Brighton Park neighborhood. Seen here heading eastbound on Archer Avenue, is a recently rehabbed CTA 1970's era GMC TDH series fishbowl windshield transit bus. The 1970's era GMC fleet, were operating in their final years of service, and would all be retired in 1996.

The white with blue and red stripes color scheme with a "New" CTA logo, was introduced in 1989.

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