Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Meier's Tavern on Lake Avenue. Wilmette Illinois. Monday, November 1st, 2010.

Hello everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page from the city of Chicago Illinois.

One particular photographic subject that I also find fascinating aside from My usual railfan and other transportation subjects, is anything considered "Roadside Americana". I always seem to enjoy finding those old side of the road businesses from decades ago, that once had been located in rural or outlying areas...but are now part of a suburban area surrounding a large urban metropolis area today.

Meier's Tavern with their very retro neon sign, is located along the southside of Lake Avenue, in the western section of north suburban Wilmette Illinois. This is just east of the village of nearby Glenview Illinois.

This old 1950's era roadside coctail lounge, is located near the remants of the abandoned former Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee interurban electric railroad's own Skokie Valley Mainline.

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