Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New Link page added to Eddie's Railfan Page. Chicago's Baci Pizzeria at3225 North Harlem Avenue in Chicago Illinois.

Sometimes in the course of running Your own blogsite such as this one, You can meet very many nice people along the way.

Just recently, I met Pat the owner of this Baci Pizzeria at 3225 North Harlem Avenue in Chicago's Mont Clare neighborhood.

Earlier this year, I did a posting here at Eddie's Railfan Page about this Baci Pizzeria location when they had just opened this Spring. Pat wrote Me a comment at Eddie's Railfan Page correcting Me on the spelling, but also thanking Me for the nice P.R on My behalf.

Everytime I go to this Baci Pizzeria to purchase something for lunch or dinner occasionaly, Pat always gives Me a big warm welcome and treats Me like family.

Pat? Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page as one of My official links page listings.

Eddie K.

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