Thursday, January 20, 2011

I found this photo today at My link page Fallen Flags.Org to
the right of Your computer screen.

One of My favorite railroads Chicago railroads I fondly remember
growing up with during the 1960's, was the old Chicago, Burlington -
& Quincy Railroad. I always enjoyed their locomotive color schemes
from the leftover 1950's era black and gray "Blackbird" color scheme,
the 1960's era Chinese red and gray, to the silver passenger locomotives.

I loved the C,B & Q for several reasons. One of them was for their very
dedicated preservation efforts over the years. The Burlington preserved
several steam locomotives and vintage freight and passenger cars as well.

This photo dated for August 27th, 2009...shows a preserved 1960's era
former C,B & Q wide vision caboose on display, in a city park in the
town of Princeton Illinois. It was even restored to the Burlington's
own original 1960's era silver livery with red stripes and the large
Burlington Route herald on the side. Nice!

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