Thursday, January 27, 2011

Silent digital video: Metra two train meet at the Harlem Avenue station. Berwyn Illinois. January 2008.

I photographed this silent digital video with My old digital camera, back in early January of 2008.

A new year had just begun a few days ago, and the greater Chicagoland area was experiencing dry conditions and somewhat cold but yet mild outdoor temperatures.

The dry conditions and tollerable temperatures would not last long. The following week, snowstorms and bitterly cold temperatures would arrive.

Seen here in the begining of January in 2008, is a two train Metra morning rush hour meet at the Harlem Avenue station, in west suburban Berwyn Illinois. The train on the left is an inbound local, that is boarding and disembarking passengers. The train on the right, is a fast moving morning rush hour express comuter train, that is hustling past our camera location at speed.

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