Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inside the museum's "New" 2002 carbarn. The Hesston Steam Museum.Hesston Indiana USA. September 2010.

I took this photo during My September 2010 visit to The Hesston Steam Museum.

Several pieces of narrow gauge locomotives, rolling stock and artifacts, are viewed parked tightly inside the new carbarn that was erected in 2002.

The orange steam locomotive cab to the left, is from a former meter guage 0-8-0 T steam locomotive from Germany. During the 1960's, this locomotive came to America, recieved a mechanical overhaul, and was cosmetically Americanized. This locomotive worked at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo on the two foot narrow guage Brookfield, Salt Creek & Western Railroad from 1967 until 1985. Today it is currently undergoing a restoration.

The engine to the right, is a meter guage 0-4-9T side tank steam locomotive from Czechloslovakia that was built in 1940.

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