Saturday, January 29, 2011

I spotted this this photo at My link page Yesteryear Depot. com to the right
of Your computer screen.

A large railroad that had a major presence on the southside of Chicago Illinois
many years ago, was the now long since defunct Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific.

Financially challenged and suffering from several bankruptcies, the Rock Island
Line shut down for good on March 31st, 1980. The equipment sold or leased to
other railroads, and the various mainline routes either abandoned or leased to
upstart new shortline and regional railroads. The old Rock Island is still lamented
by some of My fellow Chicago railfans today.

The Rock Island was known for many years, for just about owning at least "One" of every North American diesel locomotive manufacturers engines on their property.
The Rock Island operated several EMD 1950's era passenger E unit series locomotives in Chicago to Joliet Illinois commuter train service, the Rock Island's own passenger trains to Peopria and the Quad citties that lasted until 1978, and
would even utilize these locomotives on freight trains as well.

This photo was taken at Blue Island Illinois in 1975.

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