Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Railroads from North America's Pacific Northwest region of the Nation
have always fascinated Me through the years.

I spotted this photo at My link page Fallen Flags.Org to the right of Your
computer screen this morning.

One of the railroads that made up the huge mega merger Burlington Northern
Railroad on March 2nd, 1970, was the fallen flag Spokane, Portland & Seatle
Railroad. This photo is listed as being taken on July 15th, 1972, on location
at Pulman Junction on the far southside of Chicago Illinois.

This car is a 50 foot double door steam era box car, that still retained it's roofwalks by the time of this 1972 photo. Roofwalks were eventualy outlawed
during the 1960's, as they were very dangerous.

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