Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. Brookfield Ilinois USA. September 2010.

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I took this photo last year, during My September 2010 visit to Chicago's Brookfield Zoo.

Seen here, is the south entrance gate to the Brookfield Zoo. Prior to the end of streetcar operations in April of 1948, electric streetcars from the Chicago And West Towns Electric Railway, would stop to board and disembark passengers here, on the west Towns trolley line that operated between Cicero Illinois and La Grange Illinois.

Surviving 1924 built Chicago And West Towns electric streetcar # 141 under restoration at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois, was a regular car on this line, and stopped here at the south gate of Brookfield Zoo almost daily.

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mjkereluk said...

For years, I've been trying to research a childhood memory to no avail, namely some time in the late 40's or early 50's riding with my Mom on a trolley to the Brookfield Zoo. We lived in Elmwood Park, and I believe we took the Belmont Bus, then the Harlem bus, and caught the trolley at Harlem and Roosevelt before it went through the woods to the Zoo. Thanks to your post I've now know the trolley details and that my trip must have taken place most likely in 1947.

Thanks Eddie!

Best Regards,

Mike Kereluk 5/17/11