Monday, May 02, 2011

Easter Sunday morning. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. April 24th, 2011.

I took this photo last week on Easter Sunday morning, when I was returning home from church.

One of the local church's in Elmwood Park Illinois that I have a deep respect for, is the Zoar Evangelist Lutheran Church.

I am a Catholic Myself attending nearby Saint Celestine's Catholic Parish, and I m very impressed by the good things these two churches have done for the community in a positive way.

It doesn't matter what religeous faith You were born and raised in. God is everywhere.

I have always enjoyed the Friendly neighbor Lady across the street from Me I have met that attends here, plus, the Zoar Evangelist Lutheran Church is My Election Place poling Headquarters as well.

Both churchs serve the neighborhood community quiete well, and set a positive and shining example for many people everywhere.


Thank You.
Eddie K.


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