Monday, August 15, 2011

Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. Brookfield Illinois USA. September 2010.

I took this photo back in September of 2010.

A popular Chicago area tourist attraction that is litterally "A city within a city", is the Brookfield Zoo.

A great time to visit the zoo if You do not particularilly enjoy being amongst large crowds of people, is during the weekdays. September especially, is a great time to visit the zoo, as the outside temperatures are not so hot and oppressive, and the sunshine can be quiete brilliant outdoors.

There is plenty of walking to be done here at the zoo for those who enjoy good outdoor excercise. There is also a motor tram safari ride for those who enjoy a leisurely ride through the zoo's grounds.

Chicago's Brookfield Zoo, is definately a pleasant place to visit with family, and is easilly accesable via Metra commuter rail trains, or suburban Pace buses.

Eddie K.

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