Thursday, August 18, 2011

The former Chicago & Illinois Western / Illinois Central Crawford Yardclosed and abandoned. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2011.

The tracks at the former Chicago & Illinois Western / Illinois Central Railroad facility known as Crawford Yard, today are in the process of being removed.

Crawford Yard, was a modest little freight train yard located between South Pulaski Road and South Kostner Avenue in the city of Chicago Illinois USA, at approximately West 34th Street.

The succesor railroad Canadian National, has decided recently to phase out this little railroad yard near the Chicago city limits border, east of Cicero Illinois. During the steam era and a little bit beyond, this yard was owned and operated by the Illinois Central Railroad's own Chicago Illinois subsidiary shortline known as, The Chicago & Illinois Western Railroad.

Up until a few years ago, this yard was still an active facility. Track removal by the Canadian National has begun recently.

This view is facing west toward the crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction.

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