Thursday, August 18, 2011

The city of Chicago Illinois USA, recently lost another one of it's little "Steam Era" railroad freight yards on the near southwest side of Chicago Illinois.

The Illinois Central Railroad, owned a subsidiary short line railroad on the near southwest side of Chicago many years ago, known as the Chicago & Illinois Western Railroad. This little I.C owned railroad, operated a modest little freight yard facility known as Crawford Yard. Located just east of the crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction along the border of nearby west suburban Cicero Illinois, Hawthorne Yard was located at approximately West 34th Street ( On private property) between South Pulaski Road, and South Kostner Avenue in Chicago.

I found this very historic steam era photo from the Chicago & Illinois Western Railroad at My Link page "Yesteryear Depot.Com", located to the right of Your computer screen at

This photograph was taken at the now recently closed Crawford Yard facility, during much better times on the date of October 14th, 1938.

A Chicago & Illinois Western Railroad Lima Locomotive Works 1929 vintage 0-8-0 steam locomotive switcher, is viewed working Crawford Yard on a sunny Autum day.

During the diesel era later on, the Illinois Central had a few EMD SW Series yard switchers in the pre 1967 Illinois Central black and white color scheme, with simple white C,& I,W reprting marks on the locomotive cab.

The succesor railroad Canadian National, has decided to abandon this old segment of the former Chicago & Illinois Western Railroad recently, and track removal was recently started here at the former Crawford Yard facility.

Eddie K.

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