Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Historic photo! Playland Park. (Gone.) Justice Illinois USA circa 1960's.

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When I was a young boy growing up on the southwest side of Chicago during the 1960's and 70's, the greater Chicagoland area had many small family run amusement parks to visit during the Summertime.

One of those parks was a place located in the southwest suburban village of Justice Illinois known as Playland Park.

My family took Me and My Sister there a handful of times between 1971 and 1979, but somehow forgot to take the camera with them.

Playland Park, was a pleasant picnic grove style amusement park, that was located along the north frontage road west of South Archer Road / Ilinois U.S Route # 171, along the northside of the Interstate 294 Tollway.

Playland Park had closed toward the end of the 1979 season, after the park's owner had suddenly passed away. Playland Park was rumored to have been willed to the Son of the Park's owner, but unfortunately..He did not want it. Playland Park was sold to the adjacent trailer park, and now is the site of the large Sterling Estates trailer Park.

I talked about Playland Park for many years, but could not find any photos of this fun family attraction near Willow Springs Illinois.

Good News!
Last week, a Gentleman named Robert Pitujac from the Clear Ridge Historical Society, sent Me this and a few other photos that were taken at Palyland Park some forty something years ago.

Thanks Robert.
You made My day today with these photos.

Eddie K.


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing Playland from 294 growing up but never went there.
The big one that the parents and grandparents would take us to was the kiddyland at Golf and Milwaukee in Niles that was leveled to make way for Bargain Town Toys (the chain that would later become Toys R Us).
After that one closed there was another small kiddyland out in West Dundee on 25 just south of Santa's Village next to a VW dealership that is now the Pimonte Chevy dealership.
The last one I remember was in Lincolnwood on Devon and the North Shore channel in the southwest quadrant kitty corner from Theilens (sp?)Field.

winslow said...

I used to go to Playland all the time, unfortunately don't have any pictures. I remember coming back from Playland one evening and had to walk the length of Ressurection Cemetery at night!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are some awesome pictures. The co-owner of Playland passed away Tuesday at the age of 89.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I have pictures of Playland from the 70's. I lived in La Grange at the time. Great memories.

Anonymous said...

My brothers and sisters used to work there running rides and working the food stands. I remember the fun house and the mouse trap ride ( I think that's the name) My sister is looking for pictures but I too would love to see pictures if you find them.

Anonymous said...

This, as well as the other Playland photos you have on this page belong to the Playland Facebook group and the folks who uploaded them from their personal photo albums!!

Mark Priorello said...

The name of the roller coaster was the mad mouse. Had some great times at playland. Funny though I now deliver pizza and quite often to the trailer park that took the place of playland park. Great great memories.

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Ruth Plencner. I'm wondering if anybody has pictures of Kiddie Land Park that was in West Dundee on Route 25 just south of Santa's Village. It was there from I think mid 1950's-1972 ?

Anonymous said...

The big roller coaster was called the Cyclone. The Mad Mouse was a compact coaster of sorts, made up on sharp turns that made the single cars appear to be going right of the track. It kept going in and back within itself with some small hills and a couple big hills. If anything, it would make you laugh yourself silly! I was truly depressed when the place when out of business!!

Unknown said...

I remember and loved playland. I grewup in crestwood, born in the 60s. I remember my dad would stop at a vending trailer where we would eat the best chi dogs and Tom Tom tamales then proceed to the best park ever. Mom and dad went to Riverview park often before they married but my dad would ride with me on mad mouse. I liked it because of the long front of the 2 passenger car that made you feel you were riding off the track and would make quick turns and zip around. It was a separate car not a train of cars. I also liked the tobbagon that ascended up a tower inside it then circled around it as it Dec ended followed by roller coaster hills. Tilt a whirl, parachute or helicopter ride and swings were also awesome also. Lots memories good. Never got injured. Dad took us out every other weekend when we didn't hit the twins drive in for a movie.