Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fairyland Amusement Park Lyons, IL 1974

I spotted this really "Cool" and historic silent 1974 home movie of Chicago's Fairyland Amusement Park in Lyons Illinois on You Tube.

Fairyland Amusement Park, was located on the west side of South Harlem Avenue at approximately West 40th Place, in west suburban Lyons Illinois USA.

I visited Fairyland Amusement Park a handful of times with My Family during the early to mid 1970's. Unfortunately...they somehow NEVER took the camera with them. Aaaargghh!!!

Fairyland was a tiny amusement park, no larger than a carnival in a parking lot.

Fairyland Amusement Park was sold around late 1977, and was demolished during the fall of 1978. The former Fairlyland site, was originally developed in to a medium sized Zayre Department Store ( Gone / Chain defunct.) Today the Marshall's Department Store next to the Presidential Motel, on South Harlem Avenue, marks the location of the former Fairyland Amusement Park in Lyons Illinois.

Chicago once had several little amusement parks like this, and Kiddieland in Melrose Park Illinois was the last when it closed for good in 2009.

Eddie K.


winslow said...

I went to Fairyland many times as a kid

Eddie said...

My family,unfortunately didn't take any photos here.

By any chance did Yours?