Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chicago Surface Lines West 63rd Street streetcars passing Chicago Municipal Airport. Chicago Illinois USA. Circa 1940's.

This photo was sent to Me recently by a gentleman named Richard Bitunjac from The Clear Ridge Historical Society.

The Clear Ridge Historical Society, is a local Chicago historical society, that focuses on the areas of Clearing and Garfield Ridge near Chicago's Midway Airport. This group is headquartered in the Chicago Public Library's Clearing Branch at West 63rd Place and South Narragansett Avenue.

This 1940's era photograph, shows two Chicago Surface Lines Comapny electric streetcars from the West 63rd Street line, passing along the southside of Chicago Municipal Airport.

Sometime after World War 2 had ended after 1945, the airport was later renamed to Chicago Midway Airport. This was done to honor the World War 2 Allied 1942 victory battle against Japan at Midway Island, in the Pacific theatre.

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