Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Used 1995 Chevrolet flatbed / stakebody truck with snowplow attached. Niles Illinois. August 2012.

Hi everyone!

Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page, from the city of Chicago Illinois USA.

Well folks...another Autum is now approaching the greater Chicagoland area. Winter won't be too far behind that either.

Many people in the greater Chicagoland area who own their own snowplow equipped vehicles, can often make side money during the winter season plowing, provided that there is enough snow to go around.

If one looks around enough, an occasional used snowplow truck like this 1995 Chevrolet model for sale will show up. I spotted this truck with a for sale sign on it this summer, in north suburban Niles Illinois.

Last winter was relatively mild with little snowfall, but the winter of 2011 was quite bruital with 20.9 inches of accumulation.

Eddie K.

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