Wednesday, November 07, 2012

West 87th Street in it's former two lane glory. Hickory Hills Illinois. September 1988.

I recently discovered several photographs that I had taken during the 1980's that were in storage for many years. Some of these "lost" photographs, were some that I had forgot that I had even taken. Wow!

Here is one of those "Lost" photographs from my 35mm photography days that had resurfaced recently.

I took this photograph during a weekend bicycle ride way back in early September of 1988. I did not own my first car yet, and was using my 1987 General New Horizon 12 speed mountain bike as my own personal transportation. Believe it or not...I was in top physical shape, and was averaging 30 mile round trips on the weekends. I was actually still living in my old near southwest side Chicago neighborhood back then as well.

Sometimes when I was out riding my bicycle, I would occasionally point my Pentex M.E Super 35 mm camera, and take a random snap shot or two for the heck of it all.

Seen here, is a then narrow two lane West 87th Street in southwest suburban Hickory Hills Illinois. This random snap shot, was taken facing east, looking toward the distant intersection at Roberts Road. This road resembled a quaint two lane country road back then.

In 1995, this roadway, and the nearby South 88th Avenue, were rebuilt and widened in to a new four lane road to ease traffic flow.

Eddie K.

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Anonymous said...

I remember this area very well. Brings back memories