Tuesday, March 11, 2014

An eastbound Chicago, Central & Pacific freight train photographed crossing South Canal Street near West Cermak Road. Chicago Illinois.Circa...late 1980's?

I found this photograph on Flickr member David Wilson's photo page.

In 1985, the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad was in the process of reorganizing, and began selling off some of their various railroad lines to other shortline and new upstart regional railroad companies.

One of those "New" upstart regional railroad companies, was the Chicago, Central & Pacific Railroad. The C,C & P began operations in 1985, when the Illinois Central Gulf sold their former Illinois Central Railroad Iowa Division Mainline. The C,C & P utilized used former Illinois Central and Milwaukee Road diesel locomotives that were still wearing their former railroad's colors, but now had an Illinois Central style Green Diamond logo on the side of the cab that read "Chicago Central".

After the Illinois Central Gulf reorganized in 1988, the former name Illinois Central was revived, as was the I.C's pre 1967 black and white color scheme, with the exception of a new A,T & T style corporate logo.

In 1996, the new Illinois Central purchased back their former Illinois Central Iowa Division Mainline, and operated it until the Canadian National acquired the Illinois Central through merger in 1999.

This photograph has no specific date or year listed on it. I am willing to say that this was more than likely taken sometime between the years of 1985 to 1996.

The tall brick warehouse building to the left, was used for a spectacular fire scene in the movie "Back Draft", and was demolished sometime after the filming was finished.

Thanks Mr. Wilson.

Eddie K

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