Monday, March 10, 2014

Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood loses a popular local eatery. The Wonderburger located at 11011 South Kedzie Avenue closes for good in January of 2014,

One of my all time favorite southside Chicago neighborhood eateries has closed in January of 2014.

In the days before I owned my first car, I used to hop the CTA Rt # 52A / South Kedzie Avenue bus, or ride my 12 speed mountain bike to the Wonderburger for some very tasty and inexpensive menu selections. During the 1980's, me and some of my southside Chicago buddies would get together, and go here for breakfast on the weekends, They gave you pancakes the size of your plate back then.

After the owner Bill Grant passed away in 1991, the family who owned the Wonderburger, discontinued breakfast, and went to a lunch and dinner only menu.

After many happy memories and orders of their famous "Cheddar Q's" curly fries with chilli, the Wonderburger has now closed.

I will miss this place greatly.

Eddie K.

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