Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Chicago Transit Authority 1948 ACF Brill trolleybus on West Fullerton Avenue. 1966.

One of my happy memories from my own childhood growing up in Chicago during the 1960's, was the everyday sights and sounds of the CTA's electric trolleybuses.
I found this classic vintage color CTA electric trolleybus photograph at my Link page Tom's Trolleybus Pictures, which is located to the right of your computer screen at www.trolleybuses.net.
This trolleybus dates back to the early days of the Chicago Transit Authority, which began operations on November 1st, 1947. The bus that is viewed in this photograph, is a 1948 era 40 foot electric trolleybus, built by the ACF Brill Corporation.
This bus is viewed heading eastbound on West Fullerton Avenue, near the intersection at North Kimball Avenue near Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood in 1966.
Eddie K.

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