Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Foreward interior view aboard a Chicago Transit Authority Twin Coach Comapny propane transit bus circa 1959. Bruce Moffat photograph.

One of my all time happy memories of growing up in the city of Chicago Illinois during the 1960's, were the many rides my family and I took riding aboard the Chicago Transit Authority's late 1940's and early 1950's era Twin Coach Company, and later (After 1955) Flxible Twin Coach Company propane powered transit buses.
I found this now historic and very classic color Chicago Transit Authority photograph from the late 1950's era on the internet today.
Photographer Bruce Moffat photographed this picture, aboard a Chicago Transit Authority Twin Coach Company propane powered transit bus way back in 1959. The bus was photographed heading westbound on the CTA Route # 72 / North Avenue bus line. Although Route # 72 /  North Avenue was a former electric streetcar line converted to electric trolleybus operation, the CTA often substituted motor buses on this and other electric trolleybus routes over the weekends, to help cut operating costs.
Notice that primitive and very basic fare box up front next to the driver. No Ventra cards here.
I fondly remember the pale green interiors on these buses, the individual incandescent interior lights, the tall windows that I had to kneel on the seat to be able to look out of, the distinct  puttering of the propane gas powered engine, the old interior advertisements above the windows, and the comfortable soft green vinyl seats.
These buses unfortunately...were not without their mechanical issues. They idled rough and had sluggish exceleration, they were prone to breakdowns, and suffered from poor interior heat during the wintertime. The remaining  CTA propane buses were retired from service in 1973 and 1974.
Eddie K.
Thank you for the happy memories Mr Moffat.

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