Monday, July 02, 2007

Chicago Transit Authority's Howard Street rapid transit terminal and Yard. Evanston Illinois USA. April 1986.

I took this view looking north from the pedestrian overpass bridge at the Howard Street station, in north Suburban Evanston Illinois. I was on a one day chartered fantrip over the CTA rapid transit lines ,that was sponsored by the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois, and was entitled "The Snowflake Special". 1986 was a sort of a "Changing of the guard" or transitional period in regards to older equipment being retired, and new Elevated rapid transit cars arriving. Our trip utilized the older 1950's vintage 6000 series cars, like the ones in the background to the right. Several older cars are seen in the old yard in the background. Approaching the overhead pedestrian bridge, is a two car married pair of Boing Vertol rapid transit cars. The old 6000 series cars were in their last years of CTA service, and were being gradually retired. Shortly after this excursion, several CTA 6000 series cars began arriving at the Illinois Railway Museum, where they are displayed and operated today.

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