Thursday, July 05, 2007

Eastbound Union Pacific Railroad transfer train. Hayford Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. March 1985.

I took this photo looking west, at Hayford Junction on Chicago's southwest side. I was a frequent visitor to Hayford Junction during the 1980's. Hayford Junction is located at West 75th Street and South Central Park Avenue in Chicago's Ashburn neighborhood. This eastbound Union Pacific transfer train, has just left the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard in nearby southwest suburban Bedford Park Illinois, and is approaching the north / south -Grand Trunk Western Railroad crosstracks at the interchange.
Notice the 2nd diesel unit. This blue and white locomotive was acquired through the 1982 merger and absorbtion of the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Missouri Pacific locomotives were a common sight on Union Pacific freight trains for the first five years after the 1982 merger.

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