Monday, July 02, 2007

Northbound BNSF Railway empty intermodal transfer train approaching Argo Yard. Summit Illinois USA. June 2007.

A two unit EMD set of roadswitchers, has just passed over the South Archer Road -U.S Route # 171 underpass viaduct in southwest sububan Summit Illinois. The train has a consist of empty double statck intermodal container cars, and is proceeding north over the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad line. The IHB is home to numerous transfer freight trains that service and interchange with many Chicagoland railroad terminals.


tlee169 said...

I see the old B & O RR logo on the IHB viaduct. I don't understand that except that the B&OCT did have rights and had local industries at McCook, notably Reynolds Metals, now McCook Metals.

tlee169 said...

Duh! The B&O and now CSX has owned much of the IHB right of way from McCook east since 1886, before there was an IHB.