Friday, July 18, 2008

Cantilever Signal Bridge

Cantilever Signal Bridge
A Cantilever Signal Bridge
Near Dwight, Illinois

Found this signal bridge along the Amtrak tracks just outside of Dwight, IL.


Eddie said...

Looks like it works Eddie. It's got to be something small your just not doing.

Call me when you're next to a computer and I can talk you through it.

lapstrake said...

Ditto, sorry, used your profile to inform you.

Anthony C said...

"Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain!"

Who is at the controls? Eddie or Tom? Tom or Eddie? :-)

leomemorial said...

where's dwight, illinois?

Steve said...

Hello Eddie,

Google led me to your site. I was trying to find information about the old electric buses that the CTA had when I was a kid. You have an image of a Marmon Herrington electric trolley bus, which is exactly what I remember. I live in Evanston now, but my folks grew up in the Lakeview area and my grandparents lived on Waveland near Wrigley field from the 1930s through the late 60s. If my memory serves me, these buses ran along Clark or Addison or Broadway. They were relatively quiet, but had a few issues that scared a little kid. Once in a while a shower of sparks would come down from the overhead wires that powered them. When that happened the boom and sparks together looked like a giant 4th of July sparkler. This sight was really impressive at dusk. The boom would sometimes detach from the wires. I was riding with my grandmother one time when this happened. I remember an irate driver stopping the bus and storming to the back to pound on the thing to get it reconnected. I'm sure he and the rest of the CTA where happy to go to diesel. Right now I imagine that diesel is looking a little expensive which leads me to wonder if a new version of this system would be a good idea.

On another front, thanks for the picture of Solar. The grandfather that lived near Wrigley was an avid amateur photographer and used to buy everything from there. When he retired he moved to Florida and each year he'd come up north for a visit and we would drive down from the northern burbs so he could buy the items he had picked out of their catalog. He got me started taking pictures and I used to get them developed there. I have lots of kodachromes in little cardboard Solar boxes.

Ah, nostalgia. Thanks for the site. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve!
Glad You liked My page here.
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.
If You would like to see some more
photos of the forgotten CTA electric trolley buses, please go to the right of Your computer screen and click on My links page
"Tom's Trolley Bus Pictures".
There is a large section on Chicago.
There are many color 1960's and early 1970's era CTA trolley bus photos to be seen, as well as several vintage black and white ones from earlier times.

Thank You.
Eddie K.