Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad steam locomotive # 3006 on dispaly. The Galesburg Railroad Museum. Galesburg Illinois USA. June 1985.

Chicago,Burlington & Quincy RR steam locomotive # 3006. Galesburg Illinois USA. June 1985.

I took this photo in June of 1985 in the city of Galesburg Illinois.
Seen here facing east, located just east of the Amtrak passenger train
station in the city of Galesburg Illinois, is preserved 4-6-4 Hudson
type passenger steam locomotive # 3006 from the Chicago, Burlington
& Quincy Railroad. Steam locomotive # 3006 was built by the Baldwin
Locomotive Works of Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the year of 1930. It pulled passenger trains over many parts of the C,B &,Q untill retirement in the
late 1950's. This locomotive was donated to the city of Galesburg Illinois
for dispaly in 1961. Today, this dispaly has grown to include a heavyweight
steam era baggage car and a silver Chicago, Burlington & Quincy caboose.
Locomotive # 3006's cab is open for dispaly, and entry is gained through
a stairway on the engineers side of the cab. A rope cord is attatched so
that visitors can ring the locomotives bell. There is also a small air
whistle hooked up to the cab, and is operated by an air compressor hidden
underneath the locomotive.

The Galesburg Railroad Museum is a fine example of Historic Community Preservation.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have been back to the museum since 1985. So much has changed there.

The new building house the largest collection of memorbila in the United States.

Every year they seem to add on something new there. Its a great time to visit in the Summer time.

Plus, They do have a websight. I think they have the only known remote controlled railcam in the world.