Thursday, July 31, 2008

Skokie Fire Deaprtment ariel ladder truck # 118 returning to base. Skokie Illinois USA. July 2008.

Skokie Fire Deaprtment ariel truck returning to base. Skokie Illinois. July 2008.

I took this photo out of My front windshield during the late afternoon rush hour, in north suburban Skokie Illinois. We are facing north on Harms Road, approaching the intersection at Golf Road. Skokie Fire Department ariel ladder truck # 118 appears to be returning from a call, and will soon be back at a local firestation. Fires, accidents, emergencies, or disasters can happen at any given time. Skokie residents are rest assured that their hard working and very dedicated men and woman are on the job 24-7. Thank You Skokie Fire Department for Your Courage, Hard work, Dedication
and a job well done. Support Your local emergency response workers.

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